Day 5

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Day 4

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Day 3

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Day 2

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Day 1

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Arrival Day

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Reminders for Sunday

Dear students and parents,

In just a few short days, we will start our Chinese adventure! I would like to remind every one of a few things:

1. Please ensure that you arrive on time for check-in.  Check in is at 1:15 and then the nurse will be available at 3:00.

2. Please do not forget to bring in a copy of your family photo AND send Ai Laoshi a digital picture.  Why do I need a digital picture of you?  You will be doing a digital project about your family.

See everyone on Sunday!

Ài lǎoshī hé fǔdǎo yuánmen
Dana Gaska and Counselors
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Welcome! (欢迎欢迎)

家长,学生们大家好!Hello parents and students!

Welcome to the 2013 ACC-Hamilton STARTALK Student program!  We are very excited to have everyone on campus. Next week is going to be filled with exciting Chinese language and cultural activities. Each day, there will be two language classes and two cultural introductions in the morning as well as afternoon language lab time,  additional cultural activities and a physically activity.  During the evening, students will spend time working on homework, practicing for their cultural performance,  and watch a Chinese movie or two. Moreover, during the evening, students will also have “phone time” to call home and down time to reflect on their day.

As you can see students will have the opportunity to explore and learn new things about Chinese language and culture. Therefore, on the final day program day, we will be using our new found skills to put on a show for family and friends.

Lastly, during the week, this blog will updated each evening with photos and descriptions of our daily activities so that everyone can stay involved.

If you have any questions or comments, please email or post them on the blog.

I look forward to meeting everyone!


Ài lǎoshī hé fǔdǎo yuánmen
Dana Gaska and Counselors
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Overall Program Schedule

Student Program Overall Schedule

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Sunday Schedule

This is the schedule for Sunday afternoon. Make sure your parents know when to arrive on campus!



Check-in @ Skenandoa House


Reception and Orientation KJ 101


Meet with Campus Nurse


Campus Tour


Introduction to the Language Lab in KJ203


Dinner with K-12 Teachers


Ice-breaker Games with Teachers and Counselors @KJ Building Lounge


Get to know your classmates and prepare for class!

Skenandoa 1st Floor Lounge


Lights Out

Some Simple Rules for our Program!

  1. Be respectful of your teachers and classmates at all times.
  2. Attendance for all classes is required.  Be sure to be on time and speak in Chinese while in language class.  Our counselors will help you find your way to and from class.
  3. Cell phone use is not allowed during our daily activities.  Each night, you will have special time scheduled to give your family and friends a call.
  4. Wake-up knock each morning from counselors at 6:45am.  Be ready to leave together for breakfast by 7:15am from the dorm.
  5. Lights out is at 9:30pm each day.  The counselor for your floor will be there to ensure everyone is in their rooms at this time.  You must be with a counselor or teacher when out in the campus and cannot leave the dorm by yourself after we return for the night.
  6. We’re here to learn and have fun!  If you have any questions or problems, be sure to ask one of your camp counselors.


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